Cofizz - Arlozorov, Afula

Dairy, Vegetarian

The "COFIZZ" chain was founded in January 2014 by a pair of Jerusalem entrepreneurs: Amir Amsalem and Danny Mizrahi.

The first branch of "COFIZZ" opened at the Ben Yehuda pedestrian mall in Jerusalem and brought to the capital, for the first time, coffee and pastry for 5 NIS.

In addition to the pastry menu, coffee and light drinks, in many of the chain's branches you will also find an alcohol menu, also for 5 NIS.

The menu includes, among other things, shots of vodka, arak and whisky, or a glass of beer, wine and more.

Arlozorov 4, Afula

Opening hours
Sunday - Thursday: 06: 30-23: 00, Friday: 06: 00 - Up to two hours from Saturday


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