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At the entrance to the city of Acco, there are "Extreme" attractions waiting for visitors of the huge, new "Etgarim Park" in Israel.

Precisely 36 years have passed since the first bungee jump in history was made, until the day the Extreme Park was opened in Acco.

The park was designed and built to become a home for unique attractions, and to host both private and business events. Guests will find many extreme sports installations throughout the park.

The facilities include: the highest climbing facilities in the entire Middle East, 32 meters high and built at a negative angle, is studded with hundreds of climbing grips constructed for the park and imported from France.

On the outer surface of the climbing wall is the highest bungee jumping in Israel, at ten stories.

The bungee jump at the extreme park is unique thanks to a system of pulleys that allows you to reach the ground with a soft landing, directly on one's feet, and therefore, it is also suitable for children.

Also, there is a 90-meter zip line, 2 Sky Track routes, and more.


Entrance is NIS 20. Bungee is NIS 99. Zip Line is NIS 42.

Climbing Wall is NIS 42.

Sky Track is NIS 42.

Parental escort is NIS 65.

For the residents of Acco: NIS 50.

A 3-hour entrance (including entrance fee): NIS 130, which includes the entire park according to the time of operation of the facilities.

Shalom Hagalil 3, Acre, Akko (Acre)

Opening hours
Sunday - Thursday: 10:00-17:00, Friday: 10:00-16:00
Free Parking
Suitable for children
Suitable for children


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