Mousa Hussam

Licensed tour guide

Mousa Hussam
Arabic, English, Hebrew
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Hussam Mousa - holds a master's degree in Islamic studies & Islamic philosophy from the Free University of berlin, Bachelor's degree in Geography & History from Bir-Zeit University, Palestinian teaching certificate & an Israeli Tour Guide License.

Hussam Grew up in Silwan and currently lives in Beit Hanina neighborhood in east Jerusalem.

Today, Hussam leads tours especially in East Jerusalem and Jaffa besides giving lectures!

Hussam's speciality is a narrative tours on the subject of the Palestinian in general and the Palestinian in east Jerusalem & Jaffa in particular. Simply, He explains who are the Palestinians to Israelis!

Tours that shows the importance of the city for the 3 monotheistic religions. Besides, tours that shows the importance of Jerusalem from an Islamic point of view.

Top tours he focuses on: graffiti tour in Silwan, historical & narrative tour in Abu Tor, historical & narrative tour in Sheikh Jarrah, tours in the Old City of Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque, tour in the ancient Muslim cemetery (Mamilla), tours in Bethlehem, Jericho, Hebron, Samaria, tours in Ramla, Lod, south Tel Aviv & Ajami neighborhood in Jaffa.

Hussam speaks English, Arabic & Hebrew.