Antique Hostel is a warm and authentic place to visit. The hostel was built 350 years ago and served as a home for the family from that time on. Their is a lot of history that comes with the home including with it historical sites in every corner of the beautiful city called Nazareth. And with it comes the most important touristic spots on earth.

This authentic hostel will take you back to the old era of the city of Nazareth encompassing all the beautiful landmarks and breathtaking views of the old city.

The hostel located in the old region called, Old City of Nazareth. We have the most famous landmarks all around the hostel, and brochures with exciting attractions, events in the city and tours for all around the exotic city. We have divine restaurants with authentic Mediterranean food, beautiful settings and the taste of culture in every place you visit.

The Hostel provides free wi-fi, a kitchen with clean water from hand built well, and fresh Arabic coffee in the morning. We have an Arabian style lobby with a round kitchen table that is suitable for meals, or morning tea and coffee.

6086 4, Nazareth, 16000

Free WiFi


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