The White City

Archaeology and History

Tel Aviv has the largest open-air Bauhaus museum in the world, known as the White City and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Some 1,000 of the original buildings are still standing, mainly in the area of Rothschild, Bialik, and Dizengoff streets.

They express the philosophy of this post-World War I school of architecture: simple design language that met people's everyday needs.

The square white buildings sought austere beauty from the play between various geometric shapes, such as round terraces to serve as neighborly meeting places alongside square windows, flat roofs, and tall pillars.

Photographer: shofar Levyathan. From a PikiWiki.

Tel Aviv & Center
Rothschild Boulevard, Bialik and Dizengoff streets, Tel Aviv Jaffa

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Suitable for children
Suitable for children


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