Cofix - Sderot Hanasi 130, Haifa

Dairy, Vegetarian

Cofix, an Israeli coffee shop, bar and supermarket chain, established in November 2013.The chain is unique with its sole fixed price list, which in its early years was ₪5 for all the products sold at their branches.The franchise operates according to the Take Away method, with 148 branches throughout the country, including 127 coffee shops and bars, and 21 supermarkets.The franchise offers a diverse menu including: whole wheat sandwiches or sandwiches on a roll, Vegan focaccia, pastries, salads, sushi, health snacks, a variety of sweets, ice creams, summer drinks, natural juices, coffee/tea, and soft drinks.

Sderot Hanasi 130, Haifa

Opening hours
Sunday - Wednesday: 06:30-21:00, Friday: 06:30-24: 00, Friday: 06:30 - 2 hours before Shabbat, Saturday: an hour after Shabbat ends - 23:00


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