Jerusalem Walls - City Of David National Park

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The City of David Archaeological Park encompasses Jerusalem's earliest remains from the fourth millennium BCE to the Byzantine period. Sites include gargantuan city walls, a 13-meter-high terraced stone building from the Jebusite period (11th-12th centuries BCE) and remnants of homes razed with the destruction of the First Temple. You'll also see remains of Jerusalem's Second Temple- and Byzantine-era walls and towers, and the ancient Siloam Pool at the outlet of Hezekiah's Tunnel.

The Siloam Tunnel is a highlight of the visit to the City of David National Park. The Bible says King Hezekiah created this 1,500-foot-long tunnel in 701 BCE to protect the Jerusalem spring from the invading Assyrians.
As you slosh through the water (usually about two feet deep and taking about 45 minutes), your flashlight will pick up the pickaxe marks of the two teams of ancient diggers, and you'll see the exact point where they met up underground, making this one of the worlds most amazing water systems.

“Hallelujah” - A unique and exciting presentation that tells the story of the rebirth of ancient Jerusalem presented through innovative and groundbreaking technology on the ruins of the City of David, under the open night sky.

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