Avney Hahoshen Hotel


The Olive Hotel has recently undergone extensive renovation. The hotel is housed in an ancient 200-year-old building that has been restored while preserving its historical origins. The stone structure is located in the Artists' Colony and is well integrated into its surroundings. Above it is the ancient city of Tzfat, with its alleys and old houses, markets, galleries and art houses.

The hotel has three floors and in its center is an inner courtyard covered with a green vineyard. In this enchanting courtyard, the hotel guests can sit and rest from the daytime walks in the area. The design of the hotel rooms combines ancient and new, the old structure is built and paved with stone and includes arches, columns, and ethnic carpets. The rooms were integrated with all the latest facilities for the enjoyment of guests. The entrance sign to the hotel is written in black letters in a biblical font and is designed to resemble the breastplate worn by the high priests - a meaningful piece of jewelry according to the Kabbalah, which also gave the hotel suites their names and inspired their design style.

Tet Zain 23, Zfat

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