B-fresh-Fashiom mall, Tel Aviv

Dairy, Italian, Vegan

B-Fresh is a fast-growing chain specializing in healthy drinks developed with the help of chefs, nutritionist and food technologist (they use specially crafted machines). 

In addition B-Natural options (think pure carrot or orange juice), You will find juices and smoothies designed specifically for kids and others designed for specific effects – think B-Bouncy, B-Energy, B-Cool or B-Smart. 

The menu includes a long list of yoghurt-based drinks, coconut milk, fruit and vegetable juices and combinations of dried fruits, nuts, honey as well as more naughty things like chocolate nibs can be blended in. 

You can also add tapioca pearls or fruit balls

Tel Aviv & Center
Fashiom mall, Tel Aviv Jaffa

Opening hours
Sunday - Thursday: 10: 00-22: 00, Friday: 9: 00-15: 00


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