Falafel Baribua - Rishon Lezion - Herzl

Dairy, Hamburger/Fast Food, Vegan

"Falafel Baribua," is an Israeli falafel and hummus chain, with 22 locations.

Their products are made only from natural ingredients, without using any preservation chemicals, or other chemicals of any kind.

Branches are clean and designed using the "open kitchen" method, so that the customer can see, and monitor what is happening in the kitchen.

Falafel Baribua's menu offers a range of food items including: pita bread with different fillers, hummus, falafel, shakshuka, salads, labaneh, soups, side dishes and more.

Tel Aviv & Center
Herzl 52, Rishon Leziyon

Opening hours
Sunday - Thursday: 22:00-09:30 Friday: 15: 00-09:00


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